Our Depression Registry Data offering is compiled from real world longitudinal clinical EMR data for over 420,000 unique patients diagnosed with Depression

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Depression Disease Registry Analysis of US Population. iPataientAxis provides the best technical and scientific solutions to take your Concept to Clinic. With services ranging from predictive recruitment to data analytics, trial design, systems and data integration and enhanced insight and reporting, iPatientAxis is the global leader in Contract Clinical Services providing solutions in over 32 countries. Utilizing the iPatientAxis database of over 19,000,000 unique US patient lives, this aggregated data analysis of US based patients provides insights into assembled incidence by US state including medications and co-morbidities.


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Increase Referral to Randomization Rates by 250% – 330%

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Take your Concept to Clinic with EMR data for your feasibility, modeling and site identification.

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Real-world longitudinal clinical EMR data for over 19 million US unique patients

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Data Analytics, Trial Design, Data & Systems Integration, Enhanced Data Insight & Reporting